Who We Are

The ARISING Group is an independent award-winning information technology innovator and software solutions provider operating in New York City.

Since our beginning in 1996, the ARISING Group has led with our strong principle of Innovation Management (IM). IM has set the ARISING Group apart from thousands of IT competitors. The ARISING Group’s IM principle creates new potential by transforming IT projects from cost centers into revenue lines, thus realizing true competitive advantage and sustainable growth for our client firms during any economic climate.

The ARISING Group has been trusted to manage, organize and implement the technical aspects of successful businesses. Our products perform valuable time and money saving tasks in many industries including Major Financial Institutions, Online Operations (dot-com), Healthcare Facilities, CPA and Law Firms.

The ARISING Group provides efficiency to business operations by delivering important projects on schedule and on budget. Products and services we have developed include: financial data analysis, financial management software, reservations management, transportation fleet management, and telecom and unified communications applications such as secure VoIP and email systems.

The cumulative experience of the the ARISING Group team also enables us to recognize marketing and revenue opportunities for our clients and to incorporate these opportunities into the resulting applications. Our IT staff provides a mix of readily available web, Internet and data applications with our own proprietary solutions and custom enhancements which we custom design for our clients.

We have nearly 15 years of experience in the intensely competitive New York marketplace as the ultimate test for our team and proof of the ARISING Group’s relevance and value for its customers.