Digital Rights Management

Many of ARISING’s clients are learning that there is a new horizon available to them in terms of digital rights management (or “DRM”).

While DRM is not a new phenomenon, the application of DRM principles to new brands, evolving brands, historical brands or even deceased personalities is a significant new arena for specialized assignments.

ARISING is assisting such clients with the challenges associated with re-inventing themselves or repositioning their existing brands to be viable and attractive to the rapidly evolving digital media by deploying latest technologies in social media platforms, customer relational web applications, vertical mobile application and digital delivery system. ARISING believes that new brands simply need a “booster” relationship with a solid starting foundation for them to deploy—and to use while their brands continue their own evolution.

New performing artists, authors, athletes or other such categories of personalities that need to take these steps—but, do not have enormous start-up budgets are the “sweet spot” for ARISING in much the same fashion that ARISING helped dozens and dozens of companies begin their own web sites a generation ago.


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