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IT leading to enterprise-wide Innovation Management

In the past, IT was a line item on the annual budget and it suffered from the politics and attitudes of any new expense line that grew since it invariably grew at the expense of some other budget.

However, as IT evolved, it was no longer an expense line, it became "the expense line" to the point that efficiencies and new IT techniques were often the most powerful tool with regard to the overall spending and capitalization challenges facing companies today.

IT is truly "IT" for every company. To the extent that an enterprise can track, acquire and embrace IT innovations now and into the future will be the single most powerful tool for the company to survive and thrive.

However, a still further tool is available to the same companies involving other innovations. This tool is an intangible state of mind. It is the capacity for the enterprise to absorb other changes, other technologies, other evolutions that can assist the company in the myriad of options that exist today. This path is oftentimes difficult for a modern company especially if the path is expensive or even bold.

Innovation is part courage and part imagination. It is more of a journey that a task. Most companies prefer to limit innovation in favor of a conservative and cost conscious bias that discourages boldness and out of the box thinking. These companies are depriving themselves of tools that can accelerate the growth and success of the company.

ARISING has observed a significant new trend among its clients—involving a new willingness to explore new products and services that can fit with their core competencies and customer bases. Most of its mid-sized clients do not maintain internal R&D functions—and, prefer to acquire innovations from their networks of suppliers.

ARISING has also observed that many of its clients do not have an aptitude for adopting or managing innovation into their basic products and service offerings—even though, they have long learned that simple innovations can make vast improvements into their profitability.

ARISING has developed its own process for Intellectual Properties (“IP”) adoption and integration—and, has provided this new service to certain of its clients, especially entrepreneurial clients. This process is approached as a project—and entails planning, execution, training and management, metrics and testing as essential components of the ‘project”.

This may sound like a complex and difficult task—but, it is made manageable and profitable by engaging an Innovation Management team to facilitate the process.  ARISING has executed complex projects with corporations, family foundations, hedge funds, and business owners.  The diversity of our assignments fostered our own body of innovation about many different clients and many different industries.

ARISING is a guide for such companies. The guidance is part training, part planning, part nurturing and part visioning. The process begins with interviews and inquiry. Ideally, it results in new horizons and powerful “unfair” market advantage over your competition.


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