Case study: Bond Transfer Monitoring


A Middle Eastern Nation


Bond Transfer Monitoring

Executive Summary

When a Middle Eastern nation needed to transfer their multi-billion dollar bond issuing operations to a new bank, they engaged The ARISING Group to implement and monitor the process. Using database analysis and primary research The ARISING Group created a model for secure and accurate conveyance of the highly sensitive customer information.

Business Challenge

The Client issues billions of dollars worth of bonds to private individuals each year. When their holding bank decided to get out of the bond business, the Client needed to transition to a new bank. The process needed to be done quickly, accurately, seamlessly and discreetly.

How ARISING Helped

The ARISING Group worked closely with the Client government and the two banks to create a database and verify its content for accuracy and completeness. The ARISING Group interviewed the principals of the original holding bank to obtain primary source information regarding the methods and structure of the prior agreements. The ARISING Group then designed and built the database, and verified the transfer process.

ARISING provided

  • A system framework that guaranteed transparency
  • An accurate capture of all information
  • Discrete handling of sensitive files and documents
  • A seamless transfer without disruption

Value Delivered

By ensuring that the database transfer event occurred accurately, seamlessly and unnoticed by the bondholders, the ARISING Group enabled the Client government and their banks to maintain their reputation for integrity and security.