Data Mining & Analytics

The ARISING Group’s data mining professionals have designed and managed all types of database systems, which means we truly understand the architecture and characteristics of data storage and retrieval.

This understanding enables us to quickly map and locate data—significantly reducing the time and cost of data mining. Our data analytics and conceptualization methodology improve results and reduce costs by identifying relevant documents in the larger data population and classifying them according to pre-determined groups. We also use data analytics to identify privileged and potentially privileged documents and communications.

Working closely with attorneys and auditors, we uncover evidence by employing advanced statistical and data mining techniques such as database analysis tools, computer software programs, ontology and business intelligence tools and techniques to unlock hidden data as well as detect patterns and anomalies in that data.

Our data mining services include:

  • Preservation and collection of databases
  • Data mining
  • Data analytics
  • Data modeling
  • Analysis of complex enterprise systems


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