IT Strategy & Architecture Services

Get business reality in line with your vision

The ARISING Group’s IT Strategy & Architecture Services deliver clear, practical plans and tactics to create measurable business value for your organization through intelligent IT investment.

For important business decisions that need to align closely with business vision and operations, the ARISING Group provides down-to-earth solutions including budgets, methods and approaches. From our evaluation of your enterprise's existing IT setup you will have the insight needed to make wise decisions to build, buy or adapt your various application components.

The ARISING Group will help you determine the value of your existing legacy systems and make recommendations on new applications that may support your business goals.

Our services include:

  • Assessment
    • Inventory of Existing IT Infrastructure
    • Enterprise IT Portfolio Evaluation
    • Product & Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Planning and design
    • Key IT Projects and Approaches
    • IT Infrastructure Design
    • Integration to Achieve Business Goals
    • Budgets for IT Operations, Purchases, Development
  • Implementation
    • Solution Architecture
    • Legacy Modernization
    • Implementing Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Cloud Computing & Services
  • Resources
    • Staffing and Operations
    • Staffing Support for IT Departments
    • Outsourced Vendor Selections and Management

The ARISING Group does more than create IT efficiency for your organization; we give you a competitive edge and drive new demand for your products and services. To learn how, contact us now.