Complimenting forensic accounting, investigative and legal teams

The ARISING Group’s Electronically Stored Information (ESI) experts are consultants to attorneys, auditors and litigation support teams for over 10 years.

Our experienced and efficient ESI professionals are cross-trained in e-discovery and computer forensics, which means quicker delivery times and lower discovery expense.

Computer Systems ExperienceOur in-depth knowledge of software, hardware and networking systems, gives us an unparalleled ability to preserve, locate, collect and manage electronically stored information.

We have successfully delivered ESI on cases ranging from corporate fraud and embezzlement investigations to bankruptcy and family law valuations.

Understanding legal and investigative needs

We understand that discovery requirements for investigations are different from those for litigation cases. Investigations frequently require the locating and retrieval of files that are hidden, encrypted or deleted and may even entail documenting the absence of ESI - an indication that data has been concealed or destroyed.

Litigation cases can be faster paced and may involve less detailed discovery such as responding to a subpoena where data must be located and converted into a usable format for opposing counsel in order to satisfy legal requirements.

Frequent communication and reporting results

Our ESI experts also understand that timeliness is critical in any legal proceeding. We schedule regular status reports and frequent updates with detailed descriptions of tasks and hours. This allows attorneys and auditors to assess strategies, adjust direction, meet deadlines and control costs. Our accurate and detailed reports also serve as valuable documentation of counsel’s appropriate efforts in electronic discovery.

Client-based attention to detail

The ARISING Group’s world-class service uses state-of–the-art equipment and techniques to access the electronically stored information clients need to achieve their investigative goals.

Our experience and client-based attention to detail guarantees that the services we provide match the data needs of your case. We pay close attention to your projects, so we have a situational awareness that enables rapid response to changing conditions or project requirements. We respect your schedules and responsibilities and deliver optimal results with minimal interruptions and cost.


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