Software Life Cycle Management

100% on-time and on-budget project delivery track record

The ARISING Group Software Development team has been entrusted by clients to plan, design, develop and launch high volume enterprise-scale applications. Applications developed by the ARISING Group have been faithfully serving our client’s needs, and often become the heart and soul of their mission-critical operations. Our Software Life Cycle Management team is composed of experienced project managers, information architects, senior software developers, and seasoned QA managers. We also have in-house graphic design specialists to create user-friendly interface designs that make our software a joy to use.


It is important to test models before taking them to the public. From our years of software development experience, The ARISING Group has developed a method of rapidly developing prototypes to help our clients validate certain ideas or business concepts before they deploy their budget into a full life cycle software development project.

The ARISING Group analysts work with your project stakeholders to quickly develop simulations and prototypes that enable your business to test your assumptions and adjust models accordingly. During the process you may also discover new innovations within your specialty by using our prototyping approach.


Software development process

Development Lifecycle Management

The ARISING Group deploys software development processes that are appropriate to the project. For small focused projects we have used XP-Extreme Programming methodology, for larger systems projects we follow traditional fully documented and project-planned Waterfall methodology, and for works in progress we use the iterative Prototyping model. In order to consistently produce high quality software, no matter which programming method we use, our developers always follow:

  • Version Control Process
  • Software Build Process
  • Software Release Process

Version Control Process

  • Development version control
  • QA version control
  • Production version control
  • Branching and Merging
  • Check-in
  • Tools: CVS & Proprietary software

Software Build Process

  • Automatic Development nightly build
  • Modular unit test automation
  • Concurrent QA build

Software Release Process

Software release process