Unified Communications

Connect – Communicate – Collaborate

The ARISING Group provides real-time Unified Communications (UC) services such as IP telephony, call control, and instant messaging—secure communications that protect valuable company data and conversations. UC is not a single product but rather a solution consisting of various elements, including: call control and multimodal communications, presence/availability information, instant messaging, unified messaging, speech access and personal assistant, conferencing, collaboration tools, mobility, and business process integration.

UC brings efficiency in company-wide communications to individuals who are increasingly mobile and decentralized. The ARISING Group’s UC service facilitates this on-the-go, always-available style of communication. Our service can be tailored to each person’s specific job or to a particular section of a company.

The ARISING Group’s easy-to-use and easy-to-control UC feature set improves collaboration, increases productivity and reduces communication response time. And since UC uses global IP technology to deliver communications, your costs are fixed–which translates into greater ongoing savings.

The ARISING Group’s UC Services include customer-branded, turnkey, Unified Communications for:

  • Voice
  • Instant messaging
  • Web collaboration
  • Online meetings and conferencing
  • Secured voice and data for remote work force
  • Integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax
  • Freedom to communicate worldwide, around the clock, using a variety of devices and modes

Unified Communications produces value

With the ARISING Group’s Unified Communications service your firm will be able to respond faster to new opportunities, return customer service calls quicker, shorten sales cycles, reduce time-to-market and continue to function as a team when members are mobile. Your overall operations will run smoother and more efficiently with the continuous connection provided by the ARISING Group’s Unified Communications services.